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T R E E - H O U S E

                                                                      Tree-House Drug and Alcohol free housing for Men is a division of Sober Sanctuaries Inc.
Tree-House will work for you only if you have made the decision to change your life for the better AND have committed yourself to that purpose.

Tree-House rules are designed to reteach performance-based functions of self-love and care, such as making your bed, cleaning up after yourself, brushing your teeth and feeding yourself properly.

Our Managers create and enforce a structure of schedule for our residents. This begins with caring for yourself and your surroundings, carries over into how you interact with and support your fellow residents and, eventually, your ability to deal in a positive way with the world outside of Tree-House.
Speckles of Light

Stumbling down the avenue, 

in a daytime drunken haze 

with the sun beating on my head and hangover bongo drums 

banging out an endless solo

 between my ears.

I stare at the concrete beneath my feet and somehow I 

realize that if I fall 

I may never stand again.

The city sidewalk cracks approach me boldly, 

pass me by and disappear.

Nothing I can do will stop them, 

like those ugly cracks that boldly appeared to kill the 

master plan that was 

supposed to be my perfect life.

I feel like my death is not far ahead 

as one single church bell rings out nearby
Suddenly, the world turns black.

Before I can react, 

tiny, shiny speckles of light dance all around me.

The dance of death ?

Sent by God,

or Demons,

or Angels

to carry me away ?

My glance to the heavens reveals the truth…

just the leafy canopy of a wise, old tree and I am not dead…

not yet.
Thoughts to consider before you call us.... 

Like drugs and alcohol, victim mentality has no place at Tree-House. Your situation is a direct result of your decisions and actions…no-one else’s. Tree-House rules and policies, as carried out and enforced by our Managers, do not have grey areas or  loopholes. Only those men who follow them completely will have a place here. Mothering and co-dependent behaviors do not exist at Tree-House. These are unhealthy functions that have no place or role in your new life. Half-measures do not work and will no be accepted of tolerated. You live here clean and sober or you do not live here.


Are you ready?

Tree-House is a management company devoted to the creation and operation of safe, healthy and nourishing drug and alcohol free homes for men. Our live-in Managers specialize in being fathers, brothers, friends and mentors to our residents. Each of our homes is warmed by the hearts, intentions and actions of our Managers.

What is the Tree-House?

It is our mission to provide safe, clean and well-run homes where dedicated men can focus on their mission…learning to live in sobriety. Our strict policy of Zero Tolerance makes this possible. Our Managers and our residents work together to insure absolute adherence to this policy. Drugs and alcohol have no place at Tree-House and will not be tolerated.
Don’t bring it here ‘cause if you bring it here, you won’t be staying here !!

How the Tree-House works?

“Speckles of Light” author George Coleman.

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